5 principles to better design together with intelligence.

S : Shared knowledge

Share knowledge to be able to make the right decisions. To put all the useful information on the table for the design, to study the current and targeted users, to know its market and the stakes of the latter.

C : Common vision

Quickly establish a pair that will hold the project and self-control and then bring all the necessary stakeholders into the loop. This is to keep consistency and the right project tempo.

O : Open ideas

No one has a monopoly on good ideas. The project will evolve naturally; you have to be able to hear the weak signals, to be open to new ideas so that it progresses.

R : Respectful team

Respect for others is an essential element in generating trust and good group dynamics. Alone we do things well, together we do things better.

E : Efficient Work

Do what is necessary to meet the objectives. Knowing how to take shortcuts when possible. Think short term & long term to save time and effort and only take time on tasks that deserve it.