SCORE.DESIGN: this is Edouard Soumagnac's experience design offer. 5 design principles (SCORE), an ability to work on different aspects of the user experience (7 services), tools to optimise the design phases and a mastered know-how.

SCORE.DESIGN offers real & concrete support on issues of user experience (UX) in the global sense. Not just UI, not just digital. Less jargon, more results. Both for the internal user on issues of business improvement and business strategy and for the user by simplifying interaction and developing coherent solutions with high added value.


A ready-to-use offer of Design Thinking workshops to map the experience and find relevant solutions.


Apps, ecommerce sites, ecosystem ...
Structuring, Wireframing, Design ops.


Consulting on business strategy & internal organization for a deeply thought-out experience.


Datavisualation design: modeling complexity to facilitate decision making.


Brand definition & redesign: from naming to visual identity work.


Spaces designed for better exchange, better work and better meeting.


Designing, beyond the interfaces, real objects that are part of the overall experience.

Satisfying collaborations

The satisfaction of customers & their users at the heart of the reflection.

A true problem-solver

Edouard is one of the most gifted, talented and reliable Creative UX Designer I have ever met. He combines creativity, method and productivity in an incredibly efficient way. As a true problem-solver, Edouard is always able to transform his research and analysis into elegant and engaging design solutions. (…) Read more on Linkedin.


Group Director of Product at Code and Theory

A very precious asset

Edouard was a very precious asset on most of our strategic projects at DigitasLBi France.
He knows how to work with strategists and how to make strategists fall in love with UX. Collaboration between planners and Edouard were very productive. EDF project (an ambitious digital & content strategy) was a big success for DigitasLBi and EDF partly thanks to Edouard ability to create a true collaborative spirit.

Jean-Philippe MARTZEL

Head-coach Creative Strategy & Associate Director at Insign agency

A very professional person

Edouard is one of the few UX with whom I have worked who is equally proficient in user research, UX strategy, service or product design, methodology, and interface design. If we add to that that he's a very professional person, very nice and muy agradable, we have here the very top of the basket of what we can find on the market... Enjoy !


Experience Design Lead at Publicis Sapient

A talented collaborator

I have been fortunate to work with Edouard on several occasions, who can quickly translate the needs and uses of end customers by imagining adapted ecosystems and seamless experiences. In addition to being a talented collaborator, Edouard is a person with great values necessary for cohesion within a project group.

Alexandre SURIANO

Responsable du pôle user intelligence @ DISKO



5 principles to better design together with intelligence.

S : Shared knowledge

Share knowledge to be able to make the right decisions. To put all the useful information on the table for the design, to study the current and targeted users, to know its market and the stakes of the latter.

C : Common vision

Quickly establish a pair that will hold the project and self-control and then bring all the necessary stakeholders into the loop. This is to keep consistency and the right project tempo.

O : Open ideas

No one has a monopoly on good ideas. The project will evolve naturally; you have to be able to hear the weak signals, to be open to new ideas so that it progresses.

R : Respectful team

Respect for others is an essential element in generating trust and good group dynamics. Alone we do things well, together we do things better.

E : Efficient Work

Do what is necessary to meet the objectives. Knowing how to take shortcuts when possible. Think short term & long term to save time and effort and only take time on tasks that deserve it.